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axisa family in their garden full of organically grown vegetables in front of the mountain
Start your journey toward self-sufficiency with your very own copy of
Homegrown Healthy Living.

Homegrown Healthy Living

Start living your homesteading dream today and create a resilient, regenerative and healthy life you don't want to move from.

Homegrown Healthy Living is the story of my family’s unique, off-grid health adventure as I share the ups and downs of creating our mountainside permaculture homestead. It’s packed with delicious, easy-to-follow recipes and projects, and enlivened with gentle humour and inspirational stories of challenges overcome. Enjoy over 300 pages chock full of tips, practical guides, recipes, and stories from my heart to yours as you read my family's journey of trials and triumphs from our 10+ years of modern day homestead living.

Homegrown Healthy Living book cover

Do you want to

  • Learn practical tips and tricks for living your best homestead lifestyle anywhere with our simple step-by-step guides?
  • Live more mindfully and in tune with your values?
  • Live by the principles of permaculture and increase your household resilience?

  • Make healthy soil in your very own backyard?

  • Work towards self-sufficiency, ditch the supermarket, and nourish your family with healthy food from your own garden?

  • Form new healthy habits?

  • Improve your gut health and boost your immunity?

Homegrown Healthy Living will gift you with practical, achievable skills so you can live well-nourished – from the ground up. Inside my practical and down-to-earth book, I will show you what’s possible and how simple it is to get started without fear of failure,   turning experiences into opportunities for learning, growth, and creative resourcefulness- no matter where you live!


What I share with you

learn from a homesteader who has been there, and done that

Homegrown Healthy Living  is the story of our off-grid adventure creating a mountainside homestead. It’s packed with delicious, easy to follow recipes and projects, enlivened with gentle humour and inspirational stories of challenges overcome.


This book contains over 40 wholesome recipes made with fresh ingredients, practical guides to low-tox living and growing your own food, as well as mindfulness practises. Homegrown Healthy Living is your holistic solution to living nourished by nature.  Step by step instructions so you can get started right away. Design your ideal environment to germinate seeds for food in the garden, food on the table and food for thought.

Chapter Overview
Our Homestead

Practical advice and encouragement as you begin your own modern homesteading journey, no matter where you live.

Wild fermentation

How to preserve food safely at home through the art of fermentation. Save money and improve your gut health and vitality.  

chapter 2 icon.png
Living by nature

Step by step guides to composting and worm farming to make healthy soil in your own back yard. for first time success.

Naturally homemade

How to Make your own no-tox products for cleaning your home and caring for your body naturally, with simple items you will already have.

In the garden

Top gardening tips and grow guides for producing your own nutrient dense food  and tips for keeping farm animals.

Mindful awareness

How to Invite ritual into your home through simple mindfulness and meditation practises to live less stressed, and enjoy the things you love.

Food as medicine

Over 40+ nourishing gluten and dairy free wholefood recipes to boost your health and well-being.  Your whole family will love them.

Additional reources

Curated selection of books, videos, and other resources from my favourite creators. Plus links to support resources made by me.

Peek inside the book

flip through the sample pages to check it out


How you live matters.

Taste the homesteader’s lifestyle and discover the regenerative benefits of living from the ground up.

This book is full of down to earth ways to integrate back-to-basic, regenerative practises that can change your life – and our world – for the better.

Find inspiration to reclaim your health and wellbeing, spark your sense of adventure to try something new, and learn practical skills to become more self-sufficient. Through Home Grown Health you’ll find that a well-nourished, resilient life is easy to achieve. available to anyone as you learn from the past, to benefit your future.

a flock of chickens atop a pile of rich soil and compost as featured in homegrown healthy

and buy your own copy below

Get started on your journey

...or  gift  the person in your world dreaming of self-sufficient living

Robyn, NSW

“To say I love the book is an understatement in the highest!! I binged it and literally wanted to get up and go make my garden productive again and restart my worm farm!

it’s real, and that certainly comes across in the writing. Homegrown Healthy Living has inspired me to want so much more from and for my garden, my food, my choices! I learnt so much from reading this!”

Love how you live

There is a homesteader inside us all. After all, it is part of our history and the way life 'used to be'. Homesteading, I believe, is a mindset or attitude, a willingness to invest in ourselves and the future by aligning with nature to live well.

Anna and the Axisa family in their homestead kitchen.png

In our experience, homesteading is certainly not like a scene from a Country Style magazine. As I look around, it appears somewhat chaotic. The kids' art and craft spread out all over the kitchen table, in between a sea of dried pods to be opened and seeds saved for next season's planting. Nearby on the kitchen bench, I see produce waiting to be preserved, other kitchen experiments in progress, mixed in with a bunch of random books and jars ... lots of jars!

While the concept of rewilding may initially sound like a return to hardcore hunting and gathering, in today's modern times perhaps its essence is more a reconnection to the natural environment that supports us all - a yearning to grow and make your own, to be self-reliant or 'less dependent'. Imagine a life where individuals and families strive towards minimalism and return to village-style living where bartering, sharing with others and pay-it-forward attitudes are more ingrained.

This excerpt was taken from Chapter 1: The Homestead of Homegrown Healthy Living. To read the whole chapter get your copy here.

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About the author

Hi there! I'm Anna.

I am a homesteader, a mum, and a worm farmer’s wife. In Homegrown Healthy living, I shares my journey of self-discovery, healing and nourishment, after a serious health diagnosis. Each section begins with a journal of my thoughts and experiences and then practical information on the foundations of homesteading so you can learn along with me.

We had dreamed of living and working on the land, but were looking for a sign to point us in the right direction. Then we got it! I came across an online advertisement for a small, rundown, compost worm operation for sale. A persuasive proposal landed us some investment and we purchased the business. The flow-on effect from that moment is still unbelievable to us, and to most who hear our story. The following gives you a little snippet of the main arcs of that story, in the form of book chapters, that I have used as a way to share these lessons on farming, preserving, permaculture, and general wellbeing so you can benefit too.

anna axisa author of homegrown healthy living with a basket of greens picked from her gard
axisa family in their garden full of organically grown vegetables in front of the mountain

and enjoy the limited edition first print run!

Share the journey towards self-sufficiency with the hundreds of others already part of our community

Thank You!

By purchasing a copy of my self-published book "Homegrown Healthy Living you are helping us to reinvest in our regenerative farm where we can continue to support our family, local community and build more content to share with you. 

Our mission for this book, and the content we are continuing to create, is to provide information for others to move toward self-sufficiency and also to help support the community we live in and the community we are building online so that we can all be part of a resilient network that inspires positive change for our health and the environment.

The Axisa children and animals enjoying an afternon in their garden.png

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