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The Overflow

building general wellbeing and community

Get tips on how to get the most out of your land, body and life.

You can't pour from an empty cup. I'm here to help build you up to the point of overflow with tools for self care. Part of giving from the overflow is also sharing the abundance we create in our lives, whether that be energetically or with bumper crops. Join the village as we give from our overflow, celebrate our efforts and share our successes.

Listen to podcasts I've recorded with some other content creators by clicking the link below to start the audio or check out the rest of their episodes by clicking the name of their podcast. 

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The power is in today

the brain believes what you tell it most

As the momentum of our lives built, each day became so busy and rushed that I began to feel increasingly disconnected and overwhelmed by all that was happening around me. It was unsettling to have no clear direction as to how I would manage the illness I had been diagnosed with and the foundation or course of my young life. Constantly putting the fear of the future to the side only enabled acting out of alignment, and encouraged self-sabotaging behaviours which left my body in a constant state of stress. This only increased the disease’s activity, and my daily functionality worsened.

In my book and through the community I am building on Facebook I share the things I have learned to deal with the overwhelm, look after myself, and support the people around me. The mindfully aware chapter includes:

  • Building your mantra

  • Types of meditation

  • Manifestation vision boards

  • Smudging rituals and making your own smudge sticks

  • Creating your own herbal eye pillow

  • and other practical guides to self-care

Mindfulness and self care tools laid out by anna axisa in homegrown healthy living book

Types of meditation

the best technique is the one that works for you

Meditation is simply when you give yourself permission to put away thoughts and worries for a short time while you are awake. Encouraging the mind to rest and relax allows better access to our own intuition and true self. Opportunity for meditation is all around us. It can be practised anywhere at any time. However, setting yourself a sacred space for your practice away from the distractions of the outside world, is the most beneficial. 

Focused Attention

Focus on your breath to calm the mind and maintain awareness.


Picture someone or something in your mind, replacing the breath with a mental image.

Resting awareness

Rather than visualisation or focusing on anything, try to still the mind completely.


Ask yourself a question, and be aware of the feelings that arise.

Sound bath meditation

Using bowls, gongs etc that make sound vibrations that help focus the mind.

Learn more self nourishing tools in the book

In the book, Homegrown Healthy Living, I have a whole chapter dedicated to self care and personal health. I share my personal journey managing MS naturally, practical guides to meditation and recipes for the soul.

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