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WORMS + BOOK with FREE express shipping



Get your 1kg Live Worm starter kit from Wormbiz with this combination package. The Premium Value Pack includes:

  • A massive 1kg (approx 4,400) live compost worms packed in quality bedding containing worm cocoons (eggs).
  • 1 bag of worm superfood to help the little guys settle in
  • 1 hessian worm blanket

*Worm farm not included

(All worm packages are express shipped via Australia Post  on Monday's)



Ix copy of Homegrown Healthy Living



Homegrown Healthy Living is the story of my family’s unique, off-grid health adventure as I share the ups and downs of creating our mountainside permaculture homestead. It’s packed with delicious, easy-to-follow recipes and projects, and enlivened with gentle humour and inspirational stories of challenges overcome. Enjoy over 300 pages chock full of tips, practical guides, recipes, and stories from my heart to yours.


This book contains over 40 wholesome recipes made with fresh ingredients, practical guides to low-tox living and growing your own food, as well as mindfulness practices. Homegrown Healthy Living is your holistic solution to living nourished by nature.  Step-by-step instructions so you can get started right away.

Design your ideal environment to germinate seeds for food in the garden, food on the table, and food for thought.


Homegrown Healthy Living book and Live Worm Package + extras

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