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Inspire positive change with 3 copies of Homegrown Healthy Living 

 The perfect gift for yourself and loved ones. 


Enjoy over 300 pages chock full of colourful photographs, tips, practical guides, recipes, and stories from my heart to yours.


Homegrown Healthy Living is the story of my family’s unique, off-grid health adventure as I share the ups and downs of creating our mountainside permaculture homestead. It’s packed with delicious, easy-to-follow recipes and projects and enlivened with gentle humour and inspirational stories of challenges overcome.


This book contains over 40 wholesome recipes made with fresh ingredients, practical guides to low-tox living and growing your own food, and mindfulness practices. . Step-by-step instructions so you can get started right away. nside my practical and down-to-earth book, I will show you what’s possible and how simple it is to get started, no matter where you live!


• Hear personal stories of the ups and downs of homesteading life

• Explore creative ways to become more self-sufficient
• Learn simple mindfulness practices
• Discover how fermenting can improve your gut health

• Find out how easy it is to start growing your own food
• Learn how worm farming and composting can enrich your soil
• Follow easy steps to make natural products for your home and body • Unearth a variety of tasty, wholefood recipes


How you live matters.
Homegrown Healthy Living will gift you with practical, achievable

skills so you can live well-nourished – from the ground up.


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$120.00Sale Price
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