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Wholesome Recipes

food that is nourishing and tastes great

Experimenting in the kitchen and preparing meals with ‘real’ ingredients is a rewarding task for the entire family. A great starting point is to focus on incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, and steer clear of processed, packaged alternatives to real food. Next, consider what you can grow in your garden that may make a meal more nutritious, such as fresh herbs and spices. 

I encourage you to discover how a food-as-medicine approach can support your health. 

Want the hard copy version that's as scrumptious as the recipes?
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Simply Sauerkraut

Check out my YouTube channel, where I'll be building out videos to accompany the recipes below, like this one for your very own Sauerkraut. 

You can use cabbages that you harvest from your bumper crops or store-bought cabbages.

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