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axisa family in their garden full of organically grown vegetables in front of the mountain

Healthy Living

Join me and my family as we go on our homesteading adventure.

I'm here to share all the lessons we've learned, support you as part of our community and start your journey to healthy homegrown living.

for you and your family

Homegrown Healthy Living

The book to help you start your self-sufficiency journey.

You can enjoy a homesteading lifestyle no matter where you live.

When Anna and her family embarked on their off-grid journey toward self-sufficiency, they knew it would be a challenging adventure. What they didn’t expect was how a sudden, serious health diagnosis would lead them in a positive new direction.

In Homegrown Healthy Living, learn through Anna’s own personal experiences how some simple lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on your health and well-being – and the future of our fragile environment.

  • Hear personal stories of the ups and downs of homesteading life

  • Explore creative ways to become more self-sufficient

  • Learn simple mindfulness practices

  • Discover how fermenting can improve your gut health

  • Find out how easy it is to start growing your own food

  • Learn how worm farming and composting can enrich your soil

  • Follow easy steps to make natural products for your home and body

  • Unearth a variety of tasty, wholefood recipes

How I Can Help

support your journey toward self-sufficiency

Think of this space as your very own seasonal garden bed full of juicy treats, wholesome tid-bits and nourishing options designed to give you the support you need to become self-sufficient on your own homestead, or get the most out of the garden space and produce options you have available.

Recipes for eating and preserving

With my recipes I encourage you to discover how a food-as-medicine approach can support your health. Browse some of my foundational recipes that have been a pillar of support during my transition to good health.

Tips for gardening, permaculture and homesteading

Living by nature has been one of the most life-changing developments of my journey. Nature isn't just a 'place you go', finding a balance between ourselves and the land we inhabit creates a relationship full of rewards.

Health, wellness and community building opportunities

We cannot 'pour from an empty cup'. The stresses of modern-day life mean we need to work to be aware of the importance of filling our cups - after which we can then 'give from the overflow'. Let's grow together.

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About Me

Hi there! I'm Anna.

I grew up in suburbia on the Central Coast of NSW, a world away from the mountainside oasis where I live now. Four hours north of Sydney, my family and I have created a unique, green sanctuary that sustains our livelihoods, and our lives. 

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I decide to take a positive, holistic approach. I reassessed not just where we were living, but how we were living. Fresh, nutrient-rich food and a return to natural ways of living are now a vital part of my own health and wellbeing.

My family and I immersed ourselves in creating an off-grid, permaculture-inspired homestead in the forest. From humble beginnings (we lived in a tent on the property for quite a while!) we now have an abundant, food-producing garden, pigs, chickens and cows; plus a thriving compost worm business! 

I am here to share with you my home-grown journey, whether you wish to take small steps to enhance your health, or make significant changes to your life. It is my honour to guide you on your journey as you embark on your own adventure into holistic homesteading and healthy living.

anna axisa author of homegrown healthy living with a basket of greens picked from her gard
a flock of chickens atop a pile of rich soil and compost as featured in homegrown healthy

The Homegrown Market

full of goodies, pressies, and bits to get you started

Take a stroll through our online produce stall and specially curated selection of locally produced, wholesome homesteading equipment, supplies, gift baskets, educational tools and more.