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Axisa Family harvesting organic homegrown produce in their homestead garden

Welcome new homesteader!

to your essential homesteading guidebook.

No matter where you live, or how long you've been homesteading for, Homegrown Health is here to increase your skills, knowledge and connection to this awesome community.

Homesteading Support

you can homestead from anywhere - no matter where you live

Think of this space as your very own seasonal garden bed full of juicy treats, wholesome tid-bits and nourishing options designed to give you the support you need to become self-sufficient on your own homestead, or get the most out of the garden space and produce options you have available.

Recipes for eating and preserving

With my recipes I encourage you to discover how a food-as-medicine approach can support your health. Browse some of my foundational recipes that have been a pillar of support during my transition to good health.

Tips for gardening, permaculture and homesteading

Living by nature has been one of the most life-changing developments of my journey. Nature isn't just a 'place you go', finding a balance between ourselves and the land we inhabit creates a relationship full of rewards.

Health, wellness and community building opportunities

We cannot 'pour from an empty cup'. The stresses of modern-day life mean we need to work to be aware of the importance of filling our cups - after which we can then 'give from the overflow'. Let's grow together.