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Upcoming Off Grid Living Festival!

Our family and I are currently bustling with preparations for our upcoming trip to Victoria.

We are thrilled to be part of the Off Grid Living Festival.

The event boasts an absolutely amazing lineup of guest speakers, interactive workshops, and diverse stall offerings. For more information, feel free to check out all the details here.

Amidst these preparations, we are also busy fulfilling a record number compost worm orders to our valued Wormbiz customers. We have also been harvesting and packing worms for shipment, along with vermicastings that we will be taking to the festival as a special offering.

What's it all about?

The Off-Grid Living Festival enables and empowers people to take their energy needs into their own hands, transition to sustainable lifestyles, build self-sufficiency skills and get off the grid.

On our way to Victoria, we will be stopping over in Canberra for a few days. We're really looking forward to visiting places like the Questacon Science Museum, the War Memorial, and Parliament House with the kids. These excursions will certainly add a fun and educational twist to our journey.

For those attending, I will be speaking on the main stage at 1pm on Sunday about our homestead journey. any my book "Homegrown Healthy living". Peter will follow at 3pm, sharing insights about worm farming. 

In preparation, we've been busy curating items for our stall that showcase the homestead lifestyle.

This includes a sauerkraut taste testing! I have been busy making all sorts of flavoured Kraut's for festival goers to try and will also have copies of my book, 'Homegrown Healthy Living', which includes step by step instructions on easy wild fermentation at home!

In the spirit of the event, we've decided to camp on-site with the other exhibitors. We've even taken the plunge and rented a pop-top caravan for four days through Camplify. If you haven't checked out this platform, I highly recommend it. It's a sustainable way to enjoy a holiday without the commitment of owning your own home on wheels.

As much as we love adventure, leaving the farm is always a mammoth effort! We are currently, cleaning like the queen is visiting, packing like we're going away for 6 months and over organising house sitters to watch over the place, milk the cow and feed the pigs while we are away!

Check out the incredible festival program here.

For regular festival updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram

We can't wait to share this exciting experience with you all,

Wish us luck!


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