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There's something magical about crafting something from scratch, putting love and creativity into each gesture, and seeing the recipient's face light up with appreciation. Whether it's an aromatic gingerbread body scrub that leaves the skin smooth and smelling like Christmas morning or calming herbal bath bags for a spa-like experience at home, homemade gifts allow us to slow down, enjoy the moment, and appreciate the true essence of Christmas.


Remember, the value of a gift lies in the thought and love put into it, not its price tag. So why not try creating something from the heart this year? 🎄❤️🎄

Our top 10 favourite homemade gift ideas:

1. Homemade produce basket – which could include items such as, herbal salt, organic veggies, and fruits.

2. Homemade jams, preserves and ferments- Some ideas could include marmalade, lemon or passionfruit butter, caramelised onion jam, sauerkraut, and homemade pickles. 💜

3. Homemade cookie recipe jar - layer the ingredients required to bake a batch of cookies in a jar and attach a label with the method. This year instead of cookies we included the ingredients for protein balls. 🍪

4. Homemade recipe book - a beautiful journal handwritten with your favourite recipes, leaving room for your loved one to add their own. 📖

5. DIY terrariums or mini gardens - repot succulents into a teacup or pot for a beautiful touch. 🌿

6. Personalized photo calendars - a practical gift that allows you to savour memorable moments with love and thought in the selection and design. 📷

7. Handmade knitted items like slippers, scarves, and hats. 🧶

8. DIY home days spa gifts like soaps, bath bombs, body scrub and herbal bath bags (check out this gingerbread body scrub recipe) and for a full guide check out my homesteading book Homegrown Healthy Living where you’ll find a whole section jammed packed with homemade natural product recipes. 💜

9. Herbal eye pillow - a relaxing present that your loved one will treasure. You will find a step-by step guide to creating these in my homesteading book Homegrown Healthy Living. 🪷

10. Eco-dyed fabric gifts such as table runners or tee-shirts. 🍁

11. Homemade cards and gift wrapping.

Anna 🌻

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