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On our way to the Off-grid Living Festival

We are currently "on the road to Gundagai" looking forward to setting up camp at the Off-Grid Living Festival!

Our Journey so far

After a busy Easter we headed to Nowra, NSW to spend quality time with family. Then we headed to Canberra. We were excited to take the kids for a visit to our national capital and learn more about the political systems of Australia for ourselves and our future voters.

Did you know that every Australian book published is stored in the National Library of Australia?

They collect a copy of every Australian publication in the country, which publishers must submit upon publication of the material. I never knew this until I self-published Homegrown Healthy Living, since then I have been truly humbled visualising my book in this collection and was keen to visit.

Did you know my book is on Good Reads?

Probably not, as I keep putting self promotion on the bottom of my to-do list.

Good Reads is a great way for new readers to find my book so if you have read my book and think other people would enjoy it, I would be forever grateful if you leave a review, here is the link.

We will be documenting our adventures in reels here.

We will be in touch soon with all the highlights of the Off-Grid Living Festival, if you're attending come say hi!

Much love,


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