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Our top 10 homemade, nature inspired Xmas decorations

“Decorate mindfully with nature”.

In our ongoing series on mindful Christmas celebrations, let's explore the beauty of decorating with nature! 🎄 ❤️✨

Christmas crafts offer a special opportunity to celebrate the season while reconnecting with nature. Instead of relying solely on expensive, mass-produced decorations, we can discover the simple beauty of using natural materials to create ornaments, decorations, and even gifts. 🎄 ❤️ ✨

Personally, I find immense joy in crafting with our children, especially when we collaborate on projects together. It's a chance for us to bond, reconnect, and embrace the true essence of Christmas. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I think it's important to remember that children won't cherish the glitzy ornaments or extravagant decorations. What they will treasure are the moments of quality time spent together, engaging in meaningful activities and creating lasting memories. 🎄 ❤️ ✨

🎄 So, this festive season, let’s turn off the TV, put away our phones, and spend time together crafting these beautiful decorations made from natural materials. ✨

🎄 Here are our top 10+ nature inspired homemade Xmas decorations:

1. Cinnamon Stick Candles: Wrap cinnamon sticks around a candle for a decoration that not only looks beautiful but also fills your home with a warm, spicy scent.

2. DIY Snow globes: Recycle old jars and fill them with water, a pinecone or small branch, and some glitter to create your own snow globe. Be sure to glue the lid to ensure a tight seal!

3. Stick star: Gather sticks of varying lengths and bind them together to form a star. This rustic decoration can be hung on your door, tree or anywhere!

4. Driftwood Tree: For those living near a beach, driftwood can be collected and arranged to create a unique and rustic Xmas tree.

5. Seashell Ornaments: Collect seashells to make natural ornaments. You can paint them, add glitter, or leave them natural.

6. Leaf Ornaments: Collect fallen leaves and add a touch of glitter to create unique natural ornaments.

7. Pinecone Ornaments: This is a classic natural decoration. Pinecones are mostly found in parks, gardens or forests. Paint them, add a dash of glitter, or leave them in their natural state. Simply tie a ribbon around them and they are ready to be hung on your Xmas tree or placed on a Xmas nature table.

8. Evergreen Wreaths: Use evergreen branches to weave your own Xmas wreath. Embellish with, pinecones and ribbon.

9. Citrus Fruit Decorations: Dry slices of oranges or lemons in a dehydrator or oven on a very low setting, and string them up. They'll add a splash of colour and a fresh citrus scent to your home.

10. Natural Potpourri: Combine pinecones, cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, and cloves to make a fragrant and decorative potpourri.

11. Bird Seed Ornaments: Mix bird seed with gelatin to create ornaments that can be hung outside for the birds.

12. Decorate wood rounds, add a special Xmas message and some decorative ribbon.

nature inspired homemade xmas star made from sticks

homemade xmas chopping board gift


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