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Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Do you grow elderflowers? WOW, ours has produced endless blooms this season. I have been busy making elderflower-flavoured lemonade and kombucha all spring long, then changed it up a bit by trying out Milkwood’s elderflower soda recipe. I was surprised at how uplifting and refreshing this Naturally carbonated soft drink is. A little tart but beautifully floral and fresh. You will find the recipe below

The Elderberries are now just starting to appear, so it will soon be time to cover the tree with a net to keep them safe from the pesky birds! Hoping to make lots of elderberry syrup this season. I look forward to Sharing the process with you very soon.

WILD-FERMENTED ELDERFLOWER SODA 2-3 Elderflower floret heads 1.5l unchlorinated water 1 tablespoon raw honey 3 tablespoons whey (clear liquid sitting at the top of plain yoghurt will work)


Remove large stems from elderflowers. Fill a 2L jar with the water add honey and stir to dissolve. Now add whey, then elderflowers, stirring around in the jar. Lightly cover the jar with a cloth so bugs can't get in. Place somewhere warm. Whenever you walk past, give it a stir with a clean spoon to submerge the elderflowers.

Within 2-6 days depending on room temperature and the wild yeasts in the elderflower, the mixture will start to bubble. Taste to see if its fizzy, if it is you can decide to chill and drink right away or bottle in glass swing top bottles or plastic bottles with the lid screwed on tight and leave on the bench for a further few days to become extra fizzy! Chill to stop the fermentation process and consume within two days.

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